Rua dos Anjos
(Rising Sun Blues)

A shared film creation by
Maria Roxo and Renata Ferraz
Documentary, 2021, 83‘

Rua dos Anjos (Rising Sun Blues) is a film built upon the encounter and shared film creation of two women. They narrate and witness personal stories while exchanging certain techniques of their respective crafts: sex work and filmmaking. In this scenario, they simultaneously become filmmakers and characters.

Born in Moçambique, Maria Roxo got into medical school but she was sent to the colonial war, to serve as a nurse. In Portugal, she was a sex worker for over 20 years. She always knew her life would become the subject of a movie. Born in Brazil, Renata Ferraz was a performer for almost 20 years, when decided to become a filmmaker. From theatre, she inherited a taste for collective creation. They met in Portugal in May, 2016. They worked on a shared film creation for a year, giving rise to Rua dos Anjos.


Directed by Maria Roxo and Renata Ferraz
Cinematography: Filipe Ruffato and Samara Azevedo
Editing: Mário Espada and Renata Ferraz
Colour and Foley: Flávio Almeida
Sound: André Neto
Image Assistance: Fernanda Gurgel
Consulting: Susana De Sousa Dias

Post-production Support: ICA (Portugal)
Production: Kintop
Coproduction: Refinaria Films