Renata Ferraz and Rubiane Maia
Short film, 15‘26”, Brazil, 2015


The rain is pouring. A woman looks for shelter in an old pension, the only house within miles. There is only one vacancy in a shared bedroom. It seems to be enough for her, who intends to continue her journey as soon as the rain stops. However, the waiting might take longer than the storm.


Evo is a film that was born from the encounter between Renata and Rubiane, and from the ideas that they shared, two days after having met each other in Lisbon. A rapprochement that has multiplied in the distance and presence during the making and developing of Evo. Renata, PhD in Cinema and interested in creating her work based on the works other artists; Rubiane, visual artist that has researched through performance and self clinic, certain states of balance-imbalance that go through the body, mind, emotions and memory. In Evo’s case, the main question: what to do before eternity?

The script was inspired by one of Rubiane’s dreams, and by the though that the incidence of certain memories were capable of permeating the body and the imaginary, making a sort of dark and phantasmagoric paste of the experienced. Maybe to be seen as the burden of that which we cannot, don’t manage to or even don’t want to forget. All these circumstances, added to Renata’s will of creating something with Rubiane´s dream, came to be the force that built the project, which was selected in the Short Fiction Film Notice from the Secretaria Estadual de Cultura do Espírito Santo – SECULT/ES, 2014.



Directors – Renata Ferraz . Rubiane Maia
Scriptwriters – Renata Ferraz . Rubiane Maia
Executive Producers – Rubiane Maia
Production Coordinator – Tete Rocha
Director of Photography – Angela Alegria
Assistant Director – Angela Alegria
Camera Operator – Angela Alegria
Original Music and Sound Design – Felipe Ayres
Image and Sound Assistant – Caio Correa
Production Assistant – Joana Quiroga
Cast – Rubiane Maia . Julio Tigre . Renata Ferraz
Making Of – Joana Quiroga
Color Correction – João Rodrigues


Edital de produção de curta-metragem de ficção . 2014
Secretaria de Cultura do Estado do Espírito Santo . SECULT/ES