Corpo sem Orgãos (Body without Organs)

Renata Ferraz
Videodance, 2012, Italia/Portugal, 8‘21”

Body Without Organs starts of the choreographed and interpreted performance IN by Valentina Parravicini and presents the idea that there is nothing like natural body. What we recognize as inherent properties of the body – walking, smiling, looking and speaking – are the results of space, temporal and emotional examination. In our world where the shapes is worshiped and, therefore, used as a form of camouflage control, discuss the naturalization of the particulars we ascribe to body is a form of resistance.



Directed by Renata Ferraz
Performance by: Valentina Parravicini
Music and Sound design: Sara Vicente
Cinematography: João Rodrigues



Festival InShadow-2012
Audience Prize – Best Film Lisbon
6 December 2012
Lisboa – Portugal

MIS – Museu da Imagem e do Som – Festival de Visões Urbanas
23 March 2013
São Paulo – Brasil

Fnac Portugal
Fnac Chiado – Lisboa
Fnac Algarve – Albufeira
Fnac Cascais – Cascais
FNAC Santa Catarina – Porto
FNAC do Norte Shopping – Senhora da Hora
April – May 2013

Festival Abril y Danzar
April 2013
Xalapa, México

17ª Bienal Internacional de Cerveira July – September, 2013
Vila Nova de Cerveira – Portugal

Miden Festival 2013
July 2013
Athina – Allada

Horizonte à Venda
September 2013
Porto alegre – Brasil

February 2014
Milano – Italia

Cinedans – Dance on Screen Festival
12-16 March 2014
Amsterdam – Nederland

European Video Dance Heritage
May 2014
Lyon – France

21° Kalamata Dance Festival
July 2015